Web Wiz NewsPad 3 Final Released

02 September 2014 - Posted by Web Wiz Development Team, in NewsPad Demo

Web Wiz NewsPadWe are excited to announce the release of Web Wiz NewsPad version 3 Final. This latest version takes Web Wiz NewsPad from an eNewsletter solution with News Bulletin capabilities to a fully fledge Blogging Platform with Comments and Social Networking Tools.

Bloggers are able to create both Public and Subscriber only Blog Posts which can be sent as eNewsletters and for those looking for an eNewsletter solution Blogging Tools can be disabled.

Below are some highlights of the features available in NewsPad version 3:
  • Blogging Tool - NewsPad is now a full Blogging Platform.
  • eNewsletters - Enhancements in creating and managing eNewsletters which can now be created separately  from Blog/News Posts.
  • Visitor Comments - Visitors and/or Subscribers are able to Comment on Blog Posts, this can be enabled or disabled on each Blog Post.
  • Install/Upgrade Wizard - New easy install and upgrade wizard.
  • Web Wiz Rich text Editor 4.15 - The latest version of the Web Wiz Rich Text Editor is integrated for creating Blog Posts and eNewsletters.
  • Image Upload Resizing - Automatically resizes uploaded images over a configurable size.
  • Update Admin Control Panel - Updated Admin Area allows easy creation and management of Blog Posts, Comments and eNewsletters.
  • Social Networking - Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1 and improved Topic Sharing.
  • Ad Free - Web Wiz NewsPad is now Ad Free for Free Expression Editions.
  • mySQL - improved support for mySQL including myOBDC 3.51 and 5.1.
  • FURL's - Friendly URL's to aid Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Dynamic Titles and Meta Tags - New Dynamic  Page Titles, Description and Keyword Meta Tags for improved Search Engine Indexing.
  • Email Encoding - Improved encoding for eNewsletters and other emails sent from NewsPad to better support non English languages.
  • Private Blog Posts - Create Private Blog Posts that require an active subscription to read.
  • Blog Post Templates - Blog Posts can be used as a Template to create a eNewsletters.
  • Web Wiz Forums Integration - Integration with Web Wiz Forums to send eNewsletters to Forum Members and display Blog Posts within Web Wiz Forums.
A complete listing of the new features and improvements is available on the Web Wiz NewsPad Release Notes Page.

More information on NewsPad is available at
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Web Wiz Forums 11 Final Released

02 September 2014 - Posted by Web Wiz Development Team, in Web Wiz Forums Demo

Web Wiz Forums version 10.xWe are excited to announce the release of Web Wiz Forums version 11 Final. Web Wiz Forums version 11 is now available for download and contains numerous new tools and features.

Here are a few features and enhancements of our award winning Forum Web Application:
  • Chat Room - Your members can chat in real time using the new AJAX Based Chat Room.
  • Topic Rating - Your members can rate topics with a 1 to 5 star rating.
  • Post Thanking - Your Members can 'Thank' other members for their posts.
  • Points System - Replaces post count by setting how many points members can receive for New Topics, Replies, being Thanked and more.
  • Block new Member Registrations based on Country
  • lookups to block known spammers for Registering
  • Social Networking - Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1 and improved Topic Sharing.
  • Mobile Optimised View - Improvements to Mobile Optimised view.
  • Member Profiles - Improved member profiles with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • Registration - Registration Improvements including customisable registration form.
  • Private Messaging - Improvements to Private Messaging including Outbox, Full Inbox Alert, Full Inbox Actions.
  • Image Upload Resizing - Automatically resizes uploaded images over a configurable size.
  • SPAM Filter - New Configurable SPAM Filter with configurable actions to take when SPAM is detected.
  • User and Group Settings - New User and Group settings including disabling Signatures, Links, Images, Private Messaging.
  • Forum Ads - Support for 3rd Party Ads including VigLink, AdSense and others.
  • External URL's - Create External Links that are displayed on the Forum Index page in the list of Forums.
  • Answer/Resolution Posts - Admins and Moderators can set sticky Posts that are the Answer, Resolution, or Official Response to a question poised in Forums.
  • Ladder Groups - Support added for Multiple Member Ladder Groups.
  • [HIDE] BBcode - Hides message content till the member replies in the Topic.
  • Improved SEO - Lots of improvements for Search Engine Optimising and configuration.
  • Google Analytics - Built in support for Google Analytics.
  • Forum Statistics - Improved forum statistics including most active users.
  • Custom Header and Footers - These can now be configured from the Forum Admin Area for both desktop and mobile views.
  • Custom Registration Rules - Create Custom Registration Rules from the Forum Admin Area.
  • Security Improvements - Password complexity requirements , incorrect login settings, new error handling, and more.
  • Search Improvements - The admin can now set the default search age for searches.
  • FURL's - Improvements to Friendly URL's.
  • Plus many more new features and improvements.
More information on Web Wiz Forums and to download version 11 see

Keep an eye on @WebWizUK and for more information and upcoming promotions.
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